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A family pool designed with the whole family in mind…

A pool for the family…

This lovely pool was built not only to complement the impressive family home, but also to suit the requirements of family living there.

Safety first….

A Coverstar safety cover ensures that the pool is totally secure for a young family. The automatic safety cover creates a barrier over your pool that no child or pet can penetrate. Each cover is custom-built to fit the pool perfectly and manufactured from best-in-class materials.

Beautiful gardens….

The pool also sits so comfortably within the beautiful gardens surrounding it – just like it was always meant to be there.

Stepped depths to suit…

The pool depths were stepped through the length of the pool, from the steps to the first depth change was shallow enough for the kids to enjoy, and to ensure peace of mind, the Coverstar cover could be stopped at various points to ensure that only that only certain area of the pool could be utilised, preventing the kids from venturing into the deeper areas of the pool.

Effortless elegance….

The pool space was beautifully designed to sit within the garden space, which is does so effortlessly.

Roman End Step Bay….

The lowered Roman End Step Bay,  creates an ideal kiddies paddling area.

For fitness too…

Not only does this pool look absolutely gorgeous, but it also includes counter current unit jet system which provides a great way to build up your physical fitness. With fully adjustable water flow and air flow, you can create strong jet streams to train against, or gentle bubbles for a relaxing massage.

Below the surface….

To heat the water efficiently an Air Source heat pump was installed, these require minimal maintenance and can be easier to install than a ground source heat pump. And finally a Salt System was installed – in short – a salt water pool is a pool that has been chlorinated by means of salt chlorination and not traditional liquid or solid chemical chlorine. This salt chlorination gives you clean, clear and luxuriously soft water.

Up close…

The lowered Roman End Step Bay as seen up close…

Sparkling in the sun….

Tenerife pearlescent tiles create a wonderful sparkle to this stunning pool.

Pearlescent shimmer…

Sometimes its difficult to truly show off these lovely Tenerife pearlescent tiles in a photograph, however this time, we managed to capture the magic.


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