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Falcon Pools launches new VR App

Falcon Pools have recently launched their own award winning VR (Virtual Reality) Application for mobiles and tablets, and VR Headsets.

Falcon Pools have always looked to stay on the cutting edge of technology and advancements whether this is in the pools we build, materials we use or finishing we implement, all of which is focussed towards our overall customer experience.

Whilst photographs definitely help to sell our pools to new customers and assist us in determining their requirement. The ability to show our customers a wide range of images and specifics is hindered by the fact that we are limited to the number of photographs we can display on our website, so the alternatives are that we show images to them ourselves from our database or we would choose a selection to send to them via email, options which again are limited and very two dimensional.

So this VR experience really breaks these boundaries for us, allowing our customers to truly experience our pools in reality for themselves from the comfort of their own home, with the whole experience truly coming to life with the use of the VR headsets. Customers are given information and specifics about materials, finishes and features which assist them in making decisions about their own requirements.

The App is in its infancy at the moment, but the feedback we have received from our customers has been hugely encouraging. Customers are excited by the unique way of being able to experience a Falcon Pool, with several customers saying that it really helped them to visualise and better formulate their own requirement.

For Falcon Pools, our success is quantified by the customer satisfaction we deliver, through the experience that each customer has with us as a business. This VR Application for us provides, another means to enhance that experience, ensuring that our customers feel that every effort has been made for them to enjoy and appreciate their journey with us.

What you can expect from our new VR App

  • An App that works on your best on your VR headsets for that ‘wow’ experience, but the experience also extends to your iPhone (iOS), Tablet (iOS)
  • Virtual Reality experience of a selection of our completed pools
  • A complete description of each pool, either written or as a voice over
  • As you ‘walkthrough’ a selection of our Falcon Pools you will discover detailed information on each pool including materials and finishing, plus specific product images and pertinent details

Download the Falcon Pools App from the App Store, just type in ‘Falcon Pools’ App or follow this link…


Currently, Falcon Pools are the first Pool company in the UK to create an App of this nature. This demonstrates our commitment to staying ahead of the curve and delivering an exemplary service to our customers.

Falcon Pools is very excited to announce that the App has been awarded the ‘Leading EDGE Award’ by the Master Pools Guild for an Augmented Reality App.

Please note: there is no detailed information regarding location (no geotagging) of each pool to ensure that our clients privacy is maintained

We would love your feedback on the App, so please leave us a comment below or review it in the App Store.


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