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Falcon Pools sponsored snooker star, Mickey Joyce, continues his ascendency

Regular readers of this blog will know that Falcon Pools sponsor Mickey Joyce, the son of employee Eamon Joyce, who has shown remarkable talent from an early age and is continuing to soar to success. His talent with a cue has seen him compete against players much older than himself and achieve an outstanding number of successful tours.

Mickey Joyce at Leeds in the home internationals with Mark AllanEamon explains: ‘When Mickey was six I took him to our local snooker club, The Academy, in Basingstoke. He had never seen so many tables before. Mickey spotted the snooker tables straight away and was excited to see how much bigger they were than the pool tables.’ Mickey joined the junior section of the club the following week, and his amazing skill was noticed immediately. ‘The coach couldn’t believe the natural talent Mickey had,’ says Eamon. ‘Within a few months, Mickey was beating the experienced players and even the coach.’ For the next four or five years, Mickey competed in the under 21s southern tours in Cuestars (a series of grassroots tournaments) during which time he won numerous competitions. At the age of just 13, Mickey qualified for the National Premier snooker tour, which features the country’s top 32 players under the age of 21, and for the last two years he has earned the prestigious position of representing England in the under 16s home international games held in Leeds. The Premier tour provides the opportunity for players to go on to the European and World Championships, depending on their rankings and this is Mickey’s goal for the next two to three years.

Eamon says: ‘The sport has enabled Mickey to meet lots of professional snooker players and his aim is to become a professional snooker player himself one day.’

The support Mickey has had from Falcon Pools has been a huge help, as Eamon explains: ‘The sponsorship he gets from Falcon Pools helps me and my wife, Mel, to get him to all of the tournaments. Mickey has never had to miss one. It pays for some of our travel expenses and hotels and we are enormously appreciative. So, as a family, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Falcon Pools for their continued support.’

‘Mickey is also sponsored by The Academy in Basingstoke, who give him free table time whenever he likes and has helped with some expenses in the past, also. So, we would like to say thank you to them too.’ 2018 has seen Mickey’s continued success, with him joining the Hampshire under 18s pool team. In early March, the team were leading finalists in the national finals held in Selsey, which was a great achievement for the whole team. During the tournament Mickey played 25 frames, losing only three in the entire tournament. He also made it to the last 16 of the under 16s English championships held in February in Leeds and will be returning to Leeds on 26 April to compete in the under 18s English championships. He has made six-century breaks and in practice routines he has made six 147 breaks.

Falcon Pools wishes this star of the future continued success.


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