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Falcon Pools wins Master Pools Guild’s most Prestigious Award – ‘Outstanding Pool of the Year’

Falcon Pools Indoor Pool with impressive pillars

The Master Pools Guild Awards of Excellence were held in Antigua, Guatemala earlier this year where pool builders from around the world met to share ideas and celebrate great pool design. This year 175 delegates joined at the event where 280 inspiring pools were entered into the Annual Awards of Excellence. Entries were scored by judges numerically on several preset criteria, this year Falcon Pools was honoured to receive the top award for ‘Outstanding Pool of the Year Award’ for one of our indoor pools, the judges were apparently impressed by the technical skill required to bring this type of project from design to reality.  A spokesperson from Master Pools said “Falcon Pools always appear in our top award winners – they design and build amazing pools and the admiration and respect held for them throughout the entire Master Pools Guild organization is unsurpassed’. In addition to this award, we also received two gold awards, two silver and one bronze awards. See below for full details.

At Master Pools Guild’s Awards of Excellence annual contest, members receive an infusion of new ideas while benchmarking our work with our peers. Frequent meetings and vendor seminars ensure that members keep up with the latest trends. We all continually push the limits of imagination and innovation in meeting our clients’ dreams, confident in the fact that regardless of any artistic or technical challenges that may arise, we have incredible resources at our disposal—namely each other. Individually, each pool builder is extremely talented and experienced in building pools, indoors and out. Collaboratively, however, our expertise is virtually unmatched. Ensuring that when a pool is designed and built by a Master Pools Guild Builder, one can rest assured that it is, indeed, built by a master craftsmen.

Award – Outstanding Pool of the Year – Falcon Pools

GOLD AWARD – Fitness Pool

GOLD AWARD – Indoor Pool

SILVER AWARD – Automatic Cover – Indoor

BRONZE AWARD – Outdoor Pool

BRONZE AWARD – Outdoor Pool

Falcon Pools is immensely proud to be a member of the Master Pools Guild, a global network of over 110 elite custom pool builders whose mission is to create some of the finest pools in the world. Membership is by invitation only and is earned by topping the A-List of custom builders in their respective countries. Established in 1962 by builders from across the continental United States, the Guild is now the largest international network in the industry with over 110 members in Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, England, Guatemala, Hawaii, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, South Africa, and across the United States. All of the Guild members are craftsmen who are continually consulting with one another on creative designs, construction techniques, and technology. They are all professionals committed to conducting business according to the Guild’s Code of Ethics that embraces integrity, good business practices, and respect for the rights of clients, employees, and suppliers.

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