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Indoor Swimming Pool Inspiration

Looking for some Indoor Swimming Pool inspiration? Well, you have come to the right place. An indoor pool allows you to enjoy the water all year round, whether it be for relaxation, fitness or fun. It also has the added benefits of privacy and the ability to design an entire room around your pool – from decoration through to lighting and furniture. Have a look through the images below to find your inspiration.


Relaxation Pools

Perhaps you are looking for a relaxation pool, somewhere to unwind after a long day. Soft curving lines, adjoining spa pools and calm decor can create the perfect environment to relax.


Fitness Pool

Interested in keeping up your fitness? How about a long-length rectangular swimming pool that offers the ability to swim lengths. You can always add a spa pool next your fitness pool if you also want to somewhere to help relax your muscles after a swim.


Fitness Spa Pool

If you want to combine fitness and relaxation, you can have the best of both worlds – the ability to swim lengths in a classic rectangular pool and the ability to relax in an adjoining spa pool. How about installing a SwimJet. It creates a strong underwater stream in your pool that can be altered to various resistance strengths, perfect for both the family and swimmers.


Play Pool

Little ones love the pool too! Incorporate unique designs into your pool tilling for added fun. Water jets, creative lighting and pool accessories can also be added to make the ideal area for kids to enjoy.


Hydro Floor

Perhaps you are looking to maximise space. Why not take a look at ingenius hydrofloor pools. They will transform any room from everyday living space into a swimming pool space. The floors lower and fill to reveal a stunning swimming pool or rise and empty to create solid, dry floorspace.



A classic design is clean and fitting to all spaces. Light walls, effective lighting and traditional pool designs are hugely popular for their aesthetics, for being highly usable spaces and for creating enjoyable environments for relaxation and fitness.



A modern design can transform your space into a work of art. Specialist lighting, creative pool shapes and tiling, and your favourite styles of artwork and decoration combine to make a unique and desirable space.


For more pool inspiration or to discuss your indoor pool ideas and requirements, speak to one of the Falcon Pools specialists (based in Surrey) and we will work with you or your architect to turn your ideas into your dream pool. Email: enquiries@falconpools.co.uk Or call: 01932 353040

You can view more images in our Indoor Pool photo gallery: www.falconpools.co.uk/indoor-swimming-pools-surrey/


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