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Outdoor Swimming Pool Inspiration

An outdoor swimming pool is a great addition to any home, providing an ideal way to exercise and relax whilst enjoying the great outdoors. When looking for an outdoor pool it’s important to choose a design and style that best fits your property as well as fitting in with the landscaping and flow of your garden. Take a look through some of the designs below to find your inspiration.


Regular Pool

A rectangular pool is simple, elegant and timeless. Its clean edges and effortless form will enhance any location and home. Despite the conventional style of these pools, many different elements can be added to give it character. Why not add an infinity edge? Or perhaps a perimeter overflow.


Oval Shaped Pool

An oval shaped pool is ideal for many different locations and architectural designs. As it does not have any edges, the pool has a wonderful soft look that is perfect to create an effortless environment. An oval swimming pool has other great benefits as it does not take away the ability to swim lengths, meaning it is a great choice for those looking for a unique design whilst still being able to keep up fitness.


Grecian and Roman Pools

These swimming pools typically start off as a regular rectangular pool but have added elements that make them one of a kind. Grecian pools typically have rounded cut corners. Roman pools will have styled corners and rounded ends. These styles can blend seamlessly with any location to give a very regal and elegant look.


Custom Pools

Custom pools have a unique shape, perfect for homeowners looking for that one of a kind look. Usually, they will reflect a property’s style and character, and our specialists will often incorporate different elements of the location allowing it to flow seamlessly into its surroundings. Custom pool shapes can be striking and individual, so let your imagination flow!



A Geometric pool can be seen as a piece of art. A geometric pool can be created from a range of different shapes such as squares, rectangles or triangles. These pools can be focal points of gardens and can define your outdoor space.


Biodesign Pools

Biodesign swimming pools are great for homeowners who want their pool to fit within with a unique environment. They are perfect for homes in natural locations as they blend in seamlessly. With the use of creative landscaping and lighting, the swimming pool can easily be transformed to resemble a scene out of a movie or a tropical location.


HydroFloor Pools

Hydrofloor pools are an ingenious design and are particularly handy for homeowners who need a multi-functional space, whether that be in or outdoors. A patio or tiled decking area lowers to reveal a stunning swimming pool. This is a wonderfully versatile option for those who wish to have space in the garden whilst having the ability to relax or exercise in their pool. (Show pictures with and without pool)


For more inspiration for your swimming pool or to discuss your outdoor pool ideas and requirements, speak to one of the Falcon Pools specialists (based in Surrey) and we will work with you or your architect to turn your ideas into your dream pool. Email: enquiries@falconpools.co.uk Or call: 01932 353040
You can view more images in our Outdoor Pool photo gallery: https://www.falconpools.co.uk/outdoor-swimming-pools/


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