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In 2013, Falcon Pools began sponsoring Mickey, Eamon Joyce’s son, a Falcon Pools’ employee. Read all about the beginning of his wonderful journey in our first blog.

Now, a few years on, we are excited to let you know that Mickey is realising his dream to become a professional snooker player, playing better than ever.

Last week, he took part in his final regional tour at his local club in Chandlers Ford. Qualifying for this would mean he would go on to the Premier Junior Tour as long as he progressed further than his main rival, Anthony Rice. It was a tense match between the two rivals as both made it through to the last 8 players and then each went on to win their respective quarter finals. Mikey then went head to head against his rival, it was a tense affair as they both had a lot at stake! In the end, the pressure told and his 19 year old rival lost the match 2-1 handing the place in the final to Mickey.

In the final, Mickey dominated his opponent and showed his class in patches but was comfortably the better player throughout. Mickey won the final 2-0, watched by his family and friends, not only to win the event overall but also to earn his place on The Premier Tour. He will be competing against the top 48 Under 21 players in our country at the age of 13!

He will now be beginning the next phase of his development putting in plenty of time on the practice table before the first event of the Premier Tour which takes place in three months time.

His father said ‘I would like to personally thank Falcon Pools for supporting Mickey over the last year. You are very much part of his success and none of this would have been possible without your help and commitment. Your support has enabled him to earn his place on the tour at least a year earlier than we had imagined. It means that he will now be playing at the highest level possible in the next phase of his career and I am convinced that he will relish this challenge and go from strength to strength both as a person and as a player. Thanks again to Falcon Pools for your continued support, it is truly appreciated by all of us including Mickey’.

Falcon Pools would like to congratulate Mickey on this wonderful achievement. We are proud and honoured that we are able to support him through this incredible journey and cannot wait to see what the future holds for this talented young man.



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