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Sponsoring a Snooker Champ

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At just 11 years old, young Mickey Joyce already has success in his eyes. His latest competition results reflect his sheer determination and drive to become a world-class snooker champion.



Mickey (pictured centre) celebrates double snooker success in Hampshire’s Premier Junior Snooker League and sets a new record. The young Basingstoke snooker player won both the under 13 and under 18 age groups in the same season!

Falcon Pools began sponsoring Mickey, Eamon Joyce’s son, a Falcon Pools’ employee, in April 2013. Director Terry Woodhams said: “Falcon Pools are sponsoring Mickey to give him the help, support and the opportunity to realise his dream of becoming a professional snooker player.His father is also an important part of our team and we recognise that, for any youngsters to stand a chance of realising their dream, it also takes dedication and sacrifices from their parents.”


Mickey with his winner’s trophy in 2013.

Mickey’s ambition is to become a professional snooker player. Very confident and mature for his age, Mickey says he learns from his losses and that playing people at higher levels improves his game.

Falcon Pools are excited and pleased to be supporting a future snooker star!


Source:Basingstoke Gazette



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