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Swimming for Fitness: making the most of your swimming pool

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As we are now all fully ensconced in the festive season, we have that nagging sense that come January, we will all be thinking about those New Year’s resolutions. Add to that the cold, grey weather in January which can make it very difficult to find the motivation to engage in or indeed, keep up a fitness regime.

At Falcon Pools, we offer pools and technology that are continually reaching new heights, helping to encourage you to keep fit all year round, especially through the cold dark months, with our wide range of indoor pool fitness accessories.


Swimming Pools do take up a lot of space, but what if you could use the space for other things when you’re not using the pool? The ingenious HydroFloor pools have a moving floor which rises from the bottom of the pool, enabling you to easily convert your pool into floor space as you require, thereby making the space usable for a variety of other activities. This could, for example, make it a perfect workout area, so rather than having a separate fitness room and pool, you can utilise the same space for both. Or it could be a function room, a dance floor, a patio etc.

HydroFloors optimise your space whilst also maximising your property’s square footage. A pool with a HydroFloor is also perfect for exercise purposes as it allows you to vary the depth of the pool, allowing you to do shallow and deeper water exercises.

PoolBiking and Pool Crosstrainers

Pool Bike

Exercise bikes tailored for the pool have become very popular in recent years with different types tailored to specific kinds of exercise. For example; there is a normal exercise bike that is perfect for weight loss, improving general fitness and physical rehabilitation. There is also an underwater cross trainer which can work your upper and lower body simultaneously, whilst offering a more relaxed form of exercise.

Gentle PoolBiking exercise can be ideal for people suffering from arthritis and muscle injuries, especially in warmer pools, whilst more active use can improve your stamina through the additional resistance that the water creates.

Endless SwimmingSwimjet

How to extend your pool for swimming exercises?  Swim Jets can be added to smaller pools to create a sense of endlessness by providing a moving current. The Swim Jets are perfect for aqua aerobics, lap swimming, hydrotherapy and general family fun. 

Installed with a 5 hp system, the current can deliver a practical swim and aerobic workout for people of all fitness levels, without the turbulence that comes from jetted pool systems, or it can provide the calm serenity associated with the gently moving currents of the ocean. These pools can also be fitted with Aquatic Treadmills as well as a range of other accessories, to help improve your fitness and give you a variety of options when exercising in your pool.

Underwater Treadmills

Many athletes use water running as a way to tone their muscles effectively whilst working on their cardiovascular fitness. To aid those wanting to push themselves, the resistance of water is up to 44 times stronger than that of air, allowing you to strengthen your muscles and joints in a shorter amount of time and with much less strain on your body, which is often caused by the impact of running on roads. It is used by many injured athletes as it mimics the fitness advantages of running without the wear and tear injuries that can occur from covering long distances e.g. muscles strains and impact injuries.

They offer a variety of features including; variable inclines, touch screens, data storage, underwater cameras, and the ability to fold them away for easy storage. This device is perfect for anyone looking to get fit, whether it be for rehabilitation or for general fitness. These treadmills have been designed to be used in a swimming pool which can be either integrated into the pool itself or as a freestanding add-on.

Benefits of Water-Based Exercise

Of course, there are a lot of ways to get fit without the use of equipment. Apart from swimming lengths and using a variety of different strokes, which burns a lot of calories and can tone and strengthen a wide array of muscle groups, there are many exercises you can do that will increase muscle tone and burn fat.  These include swimming lengths at a variety of speeds, bicycle kicks, double leg lifts, flutter kicks, knee tucks and underwater sit ups.

So whether you want to swim lengths to burn calories or use an underwater treadmill or cross trainer to work key muscle groups, remember that swimming is one of the best and quickest ways of losing weight and getting fit.

Having your own pool allows you the freedom of swimming whenever you like, and with the wide variety of technological extras that you can now have to both help you exercise and utilise the pool space more frequently, owning a swimming pool has never been more exciting.

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Pool bike 2


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