Swimming Pool Construction Company

Builders of unique swimming pools

Our award winning swimming pool builders are artisans of their trade. They can fashion for you an intricate and delicate oasis within the confines of your home, from which you never have to rush yourself. There are no more quick exits because the gym is closing or time limits from your local swimming pool; this is about you and only you.

Construction of a swimming pool is a craft in itself. Falcon Pools’ design process is centred around you, we believe that the water of our products should reflect the nature of the customer.  Say what you want and we will endeavour to achieve it, no dream is too wild for the drawing board; discuss it with our team. Every customer is different and we respect your individuality, in fact we encourage it. We all want to look after our health and fitness; we can build for you a large open air swimming pool to swim your daily lengths in. If swimming pools mean a slow, relaxing soak to you then we can construct an indoor heated pool, complete with hot tub and sauna. The sky’s the limit.

Every member of our team from design to installation to maintenance, are flexible and open. We like to judge our success with the smiles on the faces of our customers and not just on the completion of our pool. Owning a Falcon Pool should be pleasurable for the life of the product; our service doesn’t end just with the construction of the swimming pool. We are always on hand to offer assistance and guidance. We even maintain a Pool Retail Shop at Bourne Valley Garden Centre, Addlestone in Surrey for all of your swimming pool essentials and a little of the fun stuff too!

Our expertise comes from almost 40 years of experience in swimming pool construction. We have honed and honed our practice until we have achieved the high standard that we can offer for you today. We pride ourselves on and strive to be the best in the field of swimming pool construction, whether you want your sanctuary decked in English Oak or swept in white tile. You tell us what you want, and we make it happen.