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What’s the Difference Between Saunas and Steam Rooms?


One of the questions that we’re regularly asked at Falcon Pools is about the difference between saunas and steam rooms, and the comparable benefits of each. Essentially, which is better?

Whilst the terms are often used interchangeably there are a number of core differences between them and we outline these below to help you choose:


The Moisture Levels

The primary difference between a sauna and a steam room is that saunas are ‘dry’ and produce heat without steam, whilst steam rooms produce a moisture filled, humid environment.


Heating & Construction

Saunas are typically made of wood with stoves within the sauna to create the heat, typically with temperatures between 70 and 100 degrees. Meanwhile, steam rooms are more often finished with tiling or glass and utilise external steam generators to produce the heat – typically up to 115 degrees.


The Atmosphere

Without the presence of steam, saunas have clearer air and are more conducive to reading a book for example. Dry heat and steam create different atmospheres and experiences, so it is recommended to try both when making your decision.


The Health Benefits

The different moisture levels result in different benefits and impacts for your skin and respiration in particular. The heat produced by both will stimulate circulation and sweat, and many recommend dry saunas as being the most sweat inducing of the two, whilst steam rooms also help hydrate the skin.

The high moisture and humidity levels of steam rooms can help ease respiratory issues, such a coughs, congestion and sinusitis, whereas dry saunas are more suited to muscle stimulation and cardiovascular health.

When making your decision, consider the respiratory and skin benefits you are looking to achieve, as well as your skin type.



Which is best? It’s entirely down to your personal preferences and what you want from your sauna or steam room. We’ve installed enviable steam rooms and saunas is in homes across Surrey and the South of England, and with each being individual and tailored, we couldn’t possibly choose between them ourselves!


If you’d like to discuss the options available to you for your home sauna or steam room, please do get in touch with our home spa experts: 01932 353040 or enquiries@falconpools.co.uk


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