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Wishing you peace and prosperity in 2019

This has been a wonderful time of year, bringing friends and family close, sharing in traditions and making lasting memories.  With warm calls and messages from those farther afield, the festive season is a time to remember what is most precious to us all – great relationships, good health, love, compassion, fun and time spent well.

After taking a break from the frenetic activity that consumes our bodies and souls throughout the year, the holiday season provides a moment to pause, take stock and give thanks.

Filling your home with laughter, joy and peace, with senses stimulated by an intoxicating mixture of pine, woodfires, spices and roasting meat, twinkling lights and baubles, the festive season is a magical time.  We share and indulge a little – spoiling those we love with surprise gifts and enjoying the excitement of little ones, enchanted by the prospect of the arrival of St Nick.

On Christmas Eve night, we enjoyed the atmosphere that we created, poised for the excitement of the big day to come, take pleasure at the sight of the Christmas tree decorated and providing harbour to gifts, beautifully wrapped and awaiting their receiver.  With plentiful supplies and all the shopping done this was the time to take a moment, pour yourself a glass of you favourite tipple and savour the quiet as the festivities are in full swing.  For Christmas brings, laughter, squeals of excitement and a charming chaos of wrapping paper, toys, indulgent food, Christmas films and games, and family stories that are familiar but fondly remembered.

And so, it isn’t surprising, that as we then look to the New Year, we make pledges to improve our health, join a gym, go on that long-awaited spa detox and generally transform ourselves into the people that we are in our idealised minds.  Each year we promise ourselves to be better, healthier, to find more time for the people and things we love, so in 2019 let’s make that stick, by taking that energy for positive change and making it work for ourselves and those around us. Let’s be empowered to make that difference and keep making that difference.

We at Falcon Pools take great pleasure in transforming the homes and lives of our customers with the pools we build and will be striving in 2019 to always go the extra mile.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for entrusting us with their pool projects and our employees for their commitment and professionalism and wish all a wonderful New Year 2019.



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